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 nick journey on Kanto

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PostSubject: nick journey on Kanto   Wed Aug 22, 2007 6:09 pm

*after leaving the place where was ty. John and Gary, I with my continu my way to pewter city,

but before pewter city I arrive to viridiant city, there was a gym there but it was close, and someone said to me that the gym leader didn't came here for year, so I continu walking in the city to go on the route for pewter , on my way I saw a guy on the ground complaining cause he didn't have is tea, I just decide to pass over him

so after this strange thing, I finaly took the route to pewter city

AND FINALY I've arrive to pewter city, and I went direcly to the gym

I've entered, and said 'you brock gym leader of pewter city I chalenge you to a pokemon battle'*
Brock: bring it

me:Go gengar
Brock: onix you can do it

Me: Gengar use lick
*onix was it but he didn't see to be realy hurt*

Brock: use rock tomb
Me: gengar dodge then use shadow ball
*just after dodging the rock, gengar throw his ball direccly on onix head, onix was totaly K.O cause of that
Me: yeah!!!!I did it
brock:congradulation you've manage to beat my onix, here I give you this
*brock gave me the pewter gym badge, and the technical machine rock tomb*
Me:thanks for that brock, that battle was so fun.

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nick journey on Kanto
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